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I help people learn how to write the stories they've been bursting to tell by combining structure and systems with creative ideas and intuition.
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Imagine getting a classroom to yourself, where you only discuss what interests you (with no one listening in), and move at the pace that suits your process. If you love learning, and want to do it your way, this is the dream.
Roohi helped me get over the fear of writing. Looking back, I was terrible, but her easy, gentle encouragement along with technical advice, made learning very enjoyable. I liked her writing assignments emphasizing the importance of the “Ah ha" effect. After completing her course, I felt the “Ah ha" effect also.
— Douglas Gause
One-on-one classes can seem like a big investment but Roohi tailored our sessions so carefully to my specific needs that there was always the sense that this was money well spent. Roohi is an excellent communicator who worked hard to understand exactly what I needed - even when I wasn't sure! - and to create session plans to meet those needs. She is incredibly well read and was hugely generous in sharing her knowledge and suggesting relevant readings. I would recommend her wholeheartedly.
— Tasha Kosviner

Designed for your Needs

Not sure what you want? Never fear. We’ll follow a simple three-step process to figure out your challenges and the right approach for you.

1. Questionnaire
You complete a detailed questionnaire about your writing life, your habits and learning process, the craft issues you struggle with and the project you are passionate about.
2. Free Intake Session
During a FREE intake session, we discuss your answers and anything else relevant for your learning process.
3. Custom Plan
I come up with a plan customized to your needs.

Some examples of plans I've come up with for specific clients:

sample novel plan
Under this plan, I work with the client toward figuring out a scaffold for their book; a basic structure on which to hang their writing. In our sessions, we examine classic forms, I assign exercises to pull threads from the client's creative unconscious, and we brainstorm to break down the basic components of the book’s concept.
sample flex plan
Under this plan, I work with the client on honing their revision skills. We discuss the craft of revision, go over some revision tips and tools, and review a specific piece or body of work. As specific craft challenges come up during discussions, I provide readings and exercises to help stretch those revision muscles.
sample flex plan
For clients who prefer a more flexible arrangement without an overarching direction or theme, we start with a number of coaching sessions that they purchase as a package and use over a set period of time. Discussion topics, readings and exercises are assigned depending on the client’s particular needs, varying from session to session.

Group Classes & Workshops

You need structure, deadlines or inspiration, but you also crave community. You want to brainstorm writing craft, commiserate about everyday challenges, and share triumphs. If that sounds familiar, one of my group classes or workshops might be right for you.

I hold classes regularly, live in the New York City area, and also online. Sign up now to receive updates on upcoming classes and free sessions!
I have never taken a creative writing class before. But as a teenager, I spent hours writing towards a "book." Coming to the US and getting just bloody red papers back, I got so mortified that I gave up on it. This class really made me feel like I can do this, and don't have to give up on it. As long as I continue to refine and practice, I can return to something I have missed very much. I am looking forward to a new creative journey!
— Nathalie Pham
Roohi's explication of published stories in class was very helpful and provided concrete examples of how writing works. The most important part of the class for me was her critique of my stories. Her comments were insightful and direct. I would definitely recommend working with her. She is smart, easygoing, and gentle to first-time writers. She has extensive knowledge of the craft of writing and a wide range of reading experience. Most importantly, she is able to convey that knowledge and experience in clear, easy to understand commentary.
— Reid Hardin


Specially designed for the busy and/or introverted, this month-long generative course involves ZERO interaction with other students. You get prompts, exercises and games to get the juices flowing, craft and creativity lectures to your inbox and individual check-ins from me. Super-duper bonus: feedback from me on an excerpt of the project that you produce at the end of the month. So pull out those dusty notebooks. Light a fire under that keyboard.
virtual classroom
You love reading but now, you want to look under the hood, and see how this thing works. In this 4-week online course, we’ll look at some great pieces of short fiction and nonfiction with the writer’s, and take them apart piece by piece. We’ll do this through a combination of videos, webinars and blog discussions. Brief (optional) exercises will help you to practice what you learn from the readings.


four-week course
This four-week course is designed to help you shake old fears preventing your best work and hone your writing craft in the process. Each week, we'll explore one of four cardinal craft topics to inspire fresh directions for your prose by reading and discussing four published short stories and using in-class exercises. We also discuss strategies to deal with common writing blocks, such as perfectionism and expectations.
These fun, casual sessions are tailored for all you voracious readers who are interested in writing. We’ll all read a short story or essay (distributed ahead of time), and then come together to discuss it in the context of craft. We'll finish by scribbling a quick writing exercise to try out some of the writer’s tricks. Walk-ins allowed!
one-off workshop
A Storytelling Workshop for Heroines: an afternoon workshop designed specifically for teenage girls. With fun writing exercises and snappy readings, this workshop will help you shake off creative blocks, spark new ideas for stories and set them blazing on the page.

Editing & Manuscript Review

You’ve got your stories, essays or book done; now you need a critical eye. I’m honest and will tell it like it is, but I don’t believe in tearing your hard work to shreds. I firmly believe that each person’s story is worth telling, and I want to help you do it justice.
Roohi helped me find a narrative voice that works for the short story medium. Every minute during our sessions is precious to me because I learn so much from every revision. I’ve struggled with these issues for so long now and, after three months with Roohi, I finally feel like I can be confident in my creative writing abilities and my abilities as an artist.
— Emily Rose
I liked Roohi's intelligent insights, gentle critiques, and her positivity. I also appreciated her depth of knowledge in pointing me towards other works that were relevant and helpful to my writing needs.
— Reid Hardin
I work with clients on editing short story collections, essays, novels, technical reports and other projects. We start with a short, FREE, intake process so I can get a sense of your project and needs. Then, you send me an electronic copy of your manuscript, I read it thoroughly and return a copy of the manuscript marked up with suggestions and detailed comments as well as a careful editorial critique letter.
Sensitivity reading involves looking for representation or bias issues in the manuscript, especially in situations where the writer is working outside his or her community or culture. I’ve registered with the Write in the Margins database, and enjoy working with writers on this particular kind of manuscript review. It’s best to look for a sensitivity reader who has personal experience with the unfamiliar issues you are grappling with, so take a look at my bio and my entry in the database to see if my perspective would be right for you.


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